Lmp creators

LMP Creators is more than just a photoshoot subscription, it is a community of like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs

What you will find when you join LMP Creators:

An active Facebook community

Monthly in-person and virtual coaching sessions from Liv and members of the LMP Creators community

A group of fellow creatives and business owners who are ready to support and encourage you!


the impact of being part of this

It’s a group of 30+ new friends waiting to welcome you with open arms and lots of memes.

this is not a group of drama, competition, or judgment

While you may occasionally bump into other Creators before or after your session on photoshoot days, the bulk of our community is online or at our in-person/virtual meet-ups.

Each month, the LMP Creators community meets up in person and virtually for a coaching session led by Liv or a Creator. Some of our past meet-ups have included Project Management for the Solo-preneur, How to Make IG Reels, How to Collaborate with Brands, and more. Since LMP Creators is made up of such a variety of industries and expertise, our monthly meet-ups are an incredible way to elevate the entire group and help grow our businesses.

Monthly creators circle

Our Facebook group is poppin! This is where LMP Creators hang out and keep it real. In the Facebook group, you’ll find posts from me with all of the details for upcoming photoshoots, tips on what to wear/prep for your session, as well as sneak peeks from the shoots. You’ll also find posts from Creators sharing their props for upcoming sessions, the latest success stories, asking for recommendations, and more.

Facebook group


It is normal to see the first 5 comments on a Creator’s IG post be from other LMP Creators cheering them on! LMP Creators regularly use the #LMPCreators hashtag on Instagram and are then celebrated by other members. It’s like an instant fan club.